High Expectations
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Yuri Shapochka, Director

The writer and director, former journalist Yuri Shapochka, produced and directed documentaries for Ukrainian television. His stories and cultural insights have appeared in daily newspapers and magazines in the Ukraine. Since moving to Birmingham, Alabama, Yuri has become part of a fervently growing film community. His current film projects include the full-feature comedy "Ivan Goes Abroad". Together with director of photography David Brower, Yuri recently completed the short film "Waiting", which has been accepted by the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival. Last year short film "Game Shop" was accepted by the Spiritual Film Festival (India), George Lindsey UNA Film Festival, and Directors Lounge in Berlin. Yuri lives in Birmingham, Alabama, and enjoys painting and photography.

David Brower, Director of Photography

Director of Photography, David Brower, was awarded a 1990 BPME Gold Award for Cinematography against national network competition. He shot an Emmy winning project and recently won the ACE Award for cinematography for his work on "Who Killed Tangerine" from Birmingham's Sidewalk Film Festival. His professional journey took him from Chicago, to Phoenix and then to Birmingham, Alabama while mastering his skills as a director and cinematographer. His work has garnered local and regional Addys, national Tellys, and innumerable industry specific awards for projects in automotive, healthcare, universities and financial institutions.