High Expectations
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SHAPE FILMS LLC, in association with ALVICH STUDIOS, presents an independent short film entitled "High Expectations", featuring director/screenwriter Yuri Shapochka and Director of Photography David Brower.

Genres: Dark Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Plot Outline: At the end of twenty years of incarceration, as the award for time served, a convict is sentenced to commit a crime.

Plot Synopsis: Karl Malnek is incarcerated in a local penitentiary for twenty years, without grounds or justification for his imprisonment. At the end of his twenty years captivity, he is taken through a parole hearing that is the trial he never had. This is no ordinary trial however, as his defense attorneys, respectively deaf and mute, are prosecuting him against the prosecution's defense. His trial-by-jury is overseen by a blind judge, who finds this dual assault most agreeable. His jurors are presented with one task: determine what crime he must commit to ensure his freedom. Confused and heartbroken, Karl, as he tries to make sense of his "crime", tolerates this sardonic trial amidst an enthusiastic jury and cheering inmates.